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“Rappers React to Covid-19”: What the Mobilisation of Chinese Rappers Teaches Us about Artistic Engagement in Times of Crisis

This article has been published in the pages of China Perspective (2021/1), a French peer-reviewed academic journal. To read it fully, please visit the journal’s website.  “It’s for the soldiers fighting in the hospitals all nightThanks for the lanterns lighting up the dark” — AR ft. Q.luv The “ad hoc...

“Black as hell but 帅 as well”. Black culture and Chinese hip-hop in the times of Black Lives Matter movement.

In the midst of the post-coronavirus and while several countries are slowly lifting social restrictions, the murder of George Floyd, a 46 years old black American, by a white police officer sparked one of the biggest uprisings of the last century in America. Handcuffed, kneeled upon and repeating that he...

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