PSYLIFE.25 – Psy.P (2020)

Last of the four solo albums released by the Higher Brothers, PSYLIFE.25 was probably the less awaited but eventually turned out to be the most interesting piece by far. Late April, Psy.P already appeared on an original and ambitious collaboration with another behemoth of the Chengdu scene, the techno-rock band Stolen, reminding the youngest that hip-hop knows no musical borders.

And indeed, on productions signed Harikiri, PSYLIFE.25 explores several music styles proving the openness and versatility of its craftsman. After setting up the base with ‘TongZilin’ and localizing the album in the southern district of Chengdu where everything started, Psy.P embraces the legacy of Notorious BIG, crowned and wrapped in a fluffy green coat, to state : he’s the ‘King of the Jungle’. Track five, ‘Lucy Liu’ features the overseas’ Bohan Phoenix on a song dedicated to another major Sino-American artist, notably recognized for her role in Charlie’s Angels and Kill Bill. The repetitive but somehow very catchy ‘CHANEL’ has been picked up by Travis Scott to be part of the NBA2K19 soundtrack next to heavy weight Migos, King Krule or Brockhampton. But despite reaching international audience, Psy.P’s never left Chengdu and ‘25 (Skit)’ is a beautiful tribute to his ‘hood’, his team, the guys that succeeded to put the city of Chengdu on the map of hip-hop : the rappers from the CDC Rap House (成都说唱会馆).

Eventually, this musical journey lands on a wavy acoustic guitar where the rapper opens his heart. Below the luxury brands, the dreadlocks and the grills, there’s a man who’s achieving his journey lost in the sentimental turmoils of life. Without a doubt, the one that was once called Potato has grown up and delivered here a mature and complete album.

Listen to the album on Spotify.

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