TTD Vol.4 The Hormones

In a culture obsessed with marriage, home-ownership, and having a stable career, being a musician is hard, and being a female musician is even harder.

On this episode, we feature not one, but 4 female musicians from Chengdu, China. Drawing inspiration from Savages, Foals and Toe, The Hormones strike a curious balance between the gritty attitude of punk rock and the clean, complex melodies of electronica to offer a distinctly feminine voice in a music scene mostly dominated by men.

The Hormones laugh about making mojitos for their “breakout moment” on a television show in Shanghai, share the hardships of a recent international tour through Europe, and talk about the struggle  to make their parents understand their alternative lifestyle.

There is a story in Yunnan province, in southern China. There, they have a lot of elephants, and a lot of trees and farmers. The farmers depend on the trees for their life. A small elephant is lost, he can’t find his home, so he smashes all the trees. After the farmers kill the elephant, the elephant herd comes back, and destroys everything. It’s very sad. You don’t know which side is right, and which side is wrong. We all live on the earth. We can’t we have a more soft way to solve this problem?

The Hormones

Creative Director : Georges Popper
Host : Leonard Wilder
IPF : Rori Mencin & Tracy Lee
Design : Jimmy Sexton

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Grégoire Bienvenu (2020, 8 juin). TTD Vol.4 The Hormones. Chengdu Rappers. Consulté le 4 mars 2024, à l’adresse

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