TTD Vol.3 Wang Yitai 王以太

Peace, love, unity, and having fun.

Hip-hop artist Wang Yitai is a former member of the all-star Chengdu based rap collective CDC Rap House (成都说唱会馆). After appearing on the hit television show The Rap of China (中国新说唱), Wang Yitai’s stardom reached meteoric levels.

In this episode, Wang Yitai tells us the importance of rapping in Chinese for a local audience, relates The Rap of China to a summer camp full of peers, and shares his local and divine inspiration in the form of friends, family, and even the Bible. To Wang Yitai, it’s all about love.

When I first got interested in hip hop it was all about the content…the content is the most important thing. It’s the difference between hip-hop and other genres. So I don’t have one general message. I’m inspired by God, I read the Bible and I still try to figure out all the metaphors from the Bible… and put it in my tracks. It’s all about love.

Wang Yitai

Host : Georges Popper
IPF : Rori Mencin & Tracy Lee
Design : Jimmy Sexton
Venue : The Hang 得行
Clothing : Retrovegas

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