TTD Vol.2 Edhem & CY

Growing up on the sandy streets of Urumqi, Xinjiang hip-hop artist Edhem’s musical journey carried him to the spicy land of abundance in Sichuan to deliver his message.

Nurtured by the thousand-year-old culture of the Uyghur people, Edhem and his crew Yiltiz (“The Roots”) are inspired by old-school American hip-hop beats and spurred on by the relentless evolution of Chinese society. With Xinjiang as his canvass and the West as his color palette, our painter remains a young poet whose brushstrokes expertly mix Chinese, English, and Uyghur to ultimately create a collage of rhymes that flow as creatively as his mind. This is Edhem.

In some ways, my language is kinda dying, you know. They didn’t teach it in school, young people really don’t care about that, and there’s like, the young generation doesn’t know how to write. We got a saying: when the language dies, the group of people who speak this language gunna die. Whole culture gunna die, man.


CY started hip-hop in Chengdu when she was only fourteen years old, and she is not much older today. In a short time period this former battle MC quickly made a name for herself on the Chinese internet

with her sharp quill and iconic fashion style. Even though there are only a few girls in the hip-hop game today, at five feet tall and 17 years old, CY stands tall with rhymes that shake and a flow that breaks teeth.

Men and women are different, and we have different strengths. Maybe men can play this, and women can play something else. But I can definitely do something a man can’t. […] I can totally open a new platform for women hip hop singers. “


Host : Georges Popper
IPF : Rori Mencin & Tracy Lee
Design : Jimmy Sexton
Recording : OP1 Studio

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